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spn_multimedia is a central clearinghouse community for the rarer forms of Supernatural creative fan production.

What this community is for:
  • Audio: podcasts and other audiofic
  • Hard copy: zines and anthologies
  • Mixed media: atypical or non-‘traditional’ fanart such as costuming, re-creations, etc.

What this community is not for (and where you can find what you want):
See this page for an extensive directory of Supernatural fan communities. You can also find Supernatural discussion communities there.

Feel free to post your material directly to this community, or to post notifications that link back to your material. To best services readers, please make sure you include:
Medium: (eg. podcast, audiofic, zine, etc)
Ratings/Warnings: (if necessary)

Obviously, if the material is something downloadable or somesuch, it would be wise to put in further information such as filesize, instructions, and of course some more descriptive info about what the material is.

You may also use the community to post calls for submissions for collaborative projects (such as asking for submissions for a zine or podcast). However, please use your discretion and do so only when necessary (spamming does not a good community make!).

This community may also be used as a resource tool – if you have tips to share or specific questions to ask, particularly of a technical nature in relation to these mediums, feel free to post.

Please use tags to help better organise the community. You may choose:
  • audio
  • podcast
  • hard copy
  • zine
  • anthology
  • costume
  • re-creation
  • call for submissions
  • guides
  • tips
  • question

At this initial stage, these tags are just a guide. If you have a project/creation that fits outside these categories, create a new tag that you feel is appropriate!

This community is not moderated, but the moderator will be keeping tabs on posts to make sure the material posted is on-topic. The moderator may also add tags to your entry.

If your post is off-topic or offensive, the moderator will remove it with commented notice. Please ensure that you do not turn off comments on the post, and that you have comment notification turned on, in case this occurs.

If you have any general questions or comments about the community, please direct them here.

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